Math Facts

What is Math Fact Tutoring like?

Working on math facts–addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division facts, students build visual memory and understanding of these processes. In addition to building visual memory, we will practice and build automaticity through games and activities and at-home practice.

Effective Tutoring:

  • Uses visual imaging techniques to help students create visual memory of math facts and multi-sensory methods to build understanding of the math processes
  • Incorporates variety in practice activities
  • Requires outside practice to reinforce classroom & tutoring learning

Its effectiveness can be seen by:

  • Increased math fluency and automaticity, less counting fingers, guessing, etc.
  • Confidence in math abilities with a growth mindset of continuing improvement

How many times a week should we meet?

Typically, students meet with a tutor twice a week. More frequent tutoring may also be scheduled, depending on availability.​ For more information about tutoring, contact me here.