Grammar & Writing

pexels-photo-267491.jpegWhat is Grammar and Writing Tutoring like?

From my  middle school days, I have enjoyed learning about grammar, figuring out the parts of speech a word function in sentences, sentence diagramming, etc. I rarely diagram sentences now. But as a home school parent and a tutor, I have worked with dyslexic students and non-dyslexic students to determine how grammar plays a role in understanding what we read and in effectively communicating when writing.

Learning about Grammar is not dull. With a hands-on multi sensory approach, students are fully engaged in determining the parts of speech, how the arrangements of words, phrases, and clauses impact the sense and meaning of sentences. It’s fun!

Writing with the Institute of Excellence in Writing materials makes learning how to outline, summarize, and compose paragraphs and essays a smooth, step-by-step process.

Effective tutoring:

  • ​teaches parts of speech, phrases, clauses, and usage of English grammar
  • uses examples from quality children’s literature,  our own creative writing together, and other materials.
  • builds skill and confidence writing complete sentences, developing more complex sentences, elaborating to create a vivid visual for the reader.
  • eliminates the blank page, “I-don’t-know-what-to-write!” dilemma with supportive practice, creating outlines, summarizing, and writing narratives and nonfiction essays.
  • requires some writing homework to build student independence through applying the skills and techniques outside of tutoring sessions.

Its effectiveness can be seen by:

  • student understanding and application of grammar concepts.
  • independence & confidence in creating complete, effective, appropriate sentences, paragraphs, and essays, depending on the student’s age.
  • increased reading comprehension as students recognize meaningful sentence structures while reading.

How many times a week should we meet?

Typically, students meet with a tutor once or twice a week. More frequent tutoring may also be scheduled, depending on availability.​ For more information about tutoring, contact me here.